The M.A.G.I.C Formula Method

A step-by-step guide to staying 
present + profitable online by:


Become more present + profitable online

by creating conscious content without the overwhelm

If you struggle with...

  • confidently ​expressing yourself through your content...
  • ​wanting to amplify your message, but cringe at the thought of social media...
  • ​staying in a consistent state of creative flow...
  • ​creating BOMB ass content that will make you look professional yet authentic...
  • ​feeling like you're not being seen to anyone but your family and friends...
  • ​managing it all without wanting to scream or throw your phone...
  • ​having a profitable (and consistent) online social media presence...

...then I'd love to help you

  • create killer content from within, that is effective and profitable
  • ​turn the social media hamster wheel into your marketing flywheel
  • ​integrate unique mindful tools into your marketing (and life)
  • ​create an online community aligned with your values
  • ​​​have an effective work flow that increases cash flow
  • ​make your vision your AUTHENTIC REALITY

What?  Who?  How?

Q:  WHAT exactly is The M.A.G.I.C. Formula? 
A:  The MAGIC Formula Method is the ultimate blueprint to mindfully becoming consistently present and profitable online.  It is an online program through Thinkific.com that will guide you through the step-by-step proven approach to organically growing a community of quality clients and valuable networks by:

Consistently Creating

Q: WHO does it benefit? 
A:  This is designed for coaches, personal brands, and entrepreneurs who are struggling with content clarity and want to create an effective social media flow that isn't overwhelming.  By the end of this program you will have the tools to dominate your social world with not only creative and conscious content, but with systems that will save your SOULcial sanity...all while staying present + profitable online.

Q:  How much does it cost to invest? 
A:  Was $444 but now $222 for the Holiday Sale 

Q: How much does it cost not to invest? 
A: Hours of trying to figure it out on your own, lack of support, slower growth rate, frustration and overwhelm ... maybe even burnout.

Q:  HOW is it broken down? 
A:  The MAGIC Formula is broken down into 5 modules:

     Module 1:  MEDITATE
           > What is meditation & what forms help with content creation 
           > Where and how to meditate
           > 3 Types of guided audio meditations with attached journal prompts that will get you in the content zone
                              🌱 Authenticity Visualization      
                              🌱 Unlock Your Creativity
                              🌱 Goal Setting 
     Module 2: ATTRACT 
           > Identify
           > Determine
           > Optimize
           > Build an Aesthetic

     Module 3: GIVE
           > The Rule of Reciprocity 
           > How to give without giving too much or being overwhelmed

     Module 4: INTERACT
           > The power of building relationships by focusing on people...not sales 
           > Collaborations
           > Ways to connect in a personable manner including dialogue examples

      Module 5: CONSISTENCY
           > Messy Marketer vs Modern CEO
           > Organized approaches to staying consistent 
           > Taking one step at a time by implementing mindful practices


    Robin Sciarra.

    As a mom, wife, empath, self growth junkie, student for life and informant, Robin aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make an impact amplify their message mindfully and increase PROFIT online.  

    Her super power is seeing people in their best light with a visionary perspective, and giving them not only the mindfuel, but the creative tools needed to bring their authentic visions to reality.

    In her free time, you can catch her challenging her kids and bugging them to play with her. She loves to explore different healing and wellness modalities and is an avid yogi who will play tennis with pretty much anyone. If you challenge her to a game of arcade basketball, she'll win and more than likely brag about it in her stories. At the end of the day though, it's not about competition against others. It's about self-improvement and continuously competing against herself to improve internally with each blessed day.  

    Robin Sciarra is the owner of a boutique marketing agency in southern NJ, Meraki Creative, and the creator of 'The M.A.G.I.C. Formula Method', which is the first of many programs within her SOULcial Media School available on the Thinkific teaching platform.  She is also the visionary behind SPARK with the Masters, an in-person empowerment event designed to share the benefits of integrating unique mindful practices such as meditation and yoga with unique marketing practices such as social media and automation.

    Learn more or book a complimentary connection call at creativemindedmarketing.com
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